Funny, or better Strange, People

I am watching the Britain’s Got Talent show and can’t help myself but wonder why would anyone want to go in front of a large audience and present themselves as mindless, talentless idiots? What drives those people?

Is it a desire to become famous and make big bucks? Or is it a drive to be seen and recognized? Whatever it is… I think we all should first honestly look at ourselves and ask the following questions :

– do I really have something that can even remotely be called a talent?
– do I really have a beautiful or at least a distinctive voice?
– can I move in such a way that it could be called dancing?
– maybe I am so good at doing something that others might perceive as interesting that I just have to demonstrate this skill to the world?
– am I so irresistibly beautiful/handsome that just by simply showing up in front of the I would make everyone cheer?

If the answer is no to the above questions, then why would anyone want to embarras themselves? What is so good about getting on the Britain’s Got Talent, having judges pretty much calling you a talentless idiot, and walking off the stage while hearing hysterical laughing from the audience?

OK, I would kind of understand when I see a young person on the stage but what drives those that are 30, 40 or even older? Shouldn’t they be wiser and have the ability to realistically evaluate their chances.
Is this show and other similar shows are yet another examples of the world gone mad?


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