Blogging is not easy

It is not easy to be a blogger. I tried to force myself to write in my blog but failed every single time. It is like I hit a wall the moment I sit in front of a computer trying to write a sentence. And the most irritating part is that I have lots to think about and discuss with friends but all of that mysteriously disappears the moment I try to put it in writing…

I do realize that I am not unique and that probably there are plenty of people like me who had trouble blogging but somehow successfully overcame this “disability”. And I wonder what they did to succeed?

definition of blogging

Is it “I will not get up until I finish this sentence/paragraph/page?” Or is it like – finish writing and reward yourself? I would really like to keep this blog alive and add posts to it if not on a daily then on a weekly basis.

Good luck to everyone who is trying to start blogging but is struggling with it just like I do.